Our Journey

Our Story


The One Angel Foundation was formed in the memory of Jenna Agule who, although here for only a short time, lived her life with purpose, love and kindness.  Jenna had a strong belief in the general goodness of all and believed in social responsibility and support for those in need.

Jenna grew up in a community where education and faith were valued. She observed from an early age that not all children had the same luxuries of education, clean water, food, and most of all, hope. As a young woman, she became active in mission trips around the United States and Honduras. These trips offered those communities the hope that people cared and there was a brighter future. Jenna’s passion was to work with children and they loved being with her. While in college, Jenna continued to work locally with community-based groups in Vermont to help those in need. During her junior year, she studied abroad in South Africa which was a key part of her vision of what she wanted to do with her life going forward.

While in South Africa, Jenna was blessed with the opportunity to work two days a week at an orphanage in Cape Town, working with babies who had AIDS as well as travel to the shanty communities to meet some of the families. She was so impressed by the strength and love demonstrated by each of these families even though they literally had nothing but four tin walls.  This experience provided her the confirmation of the direction and plan she would take in the future.  Coming back to the US was in many ways a culture shock seeing the differences in our collective lives.  After taking off a semester to reflect, study, and work, Jenna returned to school to earn her degree. After graduating, she decided to travel and research where she could make the biggest impact.

Another of Jenna’s passion was her love of the outdoors which she enjoyed by hiking, biking, and skiing. It also gave her peace, serenity, and a time to reflect and write. Her last journal writing entitled “Blessed” gave an insight to her commitment to be thankful for what she had and to continue to help others. This love of the outdoors led her to Colorado for the fall and winter to hike and ski with plans in the spring  to continue her journey of helping those in need. Tragically, she passed in a skiing accident, and her life’s vision of helping others was not realized.

Thankfully Jenna touched hundreds of people who knew her and believed in her vision and One Angel was founded to help fulfill her desire to make a deference and help people in need.

If you would like to help and make a difference contact us today.