Olancho Aid Scholarships

Since 2014 we have sponsored between three and five students at the Santa Clara School in Honduras through the Olancho Aid Foundation, Inc.

Meet the students!

Name: Rolando
Rolando lives with his parents and oldest sister. His father works as a driver for Olancho aid. His mother is a nurse, but because of the low opportunities of job in town she is unemployed. Rolando loves to play soccer during recess and he is part of a league. He wants to be a professional player.

Name: Genesis

Genesis is a smart girl who likes to be responsible and organized. She lives with her mother, little brother, grandfather, aunt and a cousin. Her mother works in the service industry making less than the minimum wage. She is a single mother and works hard to support her, her little brother and to help her father with medications. He has diabetes and do not have a permanent job. Genesis’ mother rent a house to live and share the expenses with her sister.

Name: Jennifer
Jennifer is an active and intelligent girl. She loves to have many friends and enjoy dancing.
Jennifer’s father works as an electrician and frequently has to go out of town for work. Her mother was working as a maid in the United States, but had to return to Honduras because was struggling getting a job.

Name: Nahomy
Nahomy lives with her parents and two sisters. Her mother stays at home taking care of the baby. Nahomy likes to sing and play with her friends from school. She is very creative and likes to tell stories to her aunt who lives next to her house. Her father works as an operation manager at the water plant making less than the minimum wage.

Name: Carmen
Carmen lives in a small village 20 minutes away from school. She lives with her parents and little sister. Her mother is unemployed and her father works as maintenance worker in the city hall of the city of Julticalpa.

Acton Boxboro Scholarship

Jenna graduated from Acton-Boxborough RHS in Acton, Massachusetts and not only received a strong educational foundation but also built lifelong friendships that shaped who she was as a friend and world citizen. We have established an annual scholarship in honor of Jenna under the One Angel Foundation for a student who has shown a strong belief in social justice, a willingness to continue their education focusing on social justice, and a goal of studying abroad where they can make a difference