World Hike A Mountain Day

World Hike A Mountain Day


Please join us to celebrate and participate in The One Angel Foundation’s 9th Annual World Hike a Mountain Day on Saturday, October 19th, 2019. Our home mountain is once again Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. For those unable to join us there, friends around the world are encouraged to select their Favorite Mountain, beach, hiking trail, or tall building near them and participate with us.

One Angel Foundation and World Hike a Mountain Day was inspired by and in the memory of Jenna Agule. Jenna was an avid outdoorsman, a lover of hiking, biking, running, and skiing, who truly loved being one with nature. Inspired by Jenna’s love of the outdoors, World Hike a Mountain Day was created to honor her spirit and her unfinished mission of helping others. In past years, over 300 hikers have joined us each year at Mount Wachusett and at other US and international locations. Each year we strive to increase participation and awareness while raising additional funds for critical community projects.  For those joining us at Mt. Wachusett, we are also pleased to offer an opportunity to visit the Apple Fest activities after the event. The Mountain is open from 10AM till 5 PM, but hiking is encouraged to start prior to 3 PM. The mission of The One Angel Foundation is simple: Bringing Hope & a Smile to Children Worldwide. We aim to achieve this mission by strengthening communities by providing children with critical educational initiatives both in the classroom and in the community. Educating our children through productive and supportive community based activities promotes healthy living, provides emotional support, builds trust, creates social cohesion, builds leaders, and creates strategies and goals to break the cycle of poverty, giving our children in need the greatest gift of hope

We look forward to seeing you either at the mountain or in spirit!

Registration is now open at

If you can’t join us please feel free to make a donation at

Hi All of Our Friends around the World

Each year we have friends that join us for World Hike a Mountain Day not only around the United States but around the world. We already have folks joining us in California, New York, New Jersey, Vermont Florida, South Carolina and internationally in Hong Kong, Guatemala, Spain and Honduras. If you cannot be with us at Mt Wachusett on October 13th, join us in spirit by hiking, walking or biking a mountain, trail or beach near you. Let us know where you will be joining us by registering today.

2018 World Hike A Mountain Day  was our 8th Year!!

We usually have had over 350 hikers each year join us not only at Wachusett Mountain but also at dozens of US locations and over a dozen international locations. Each year we continue to increase our involvement, monies raised for our mission, and add to the hiking locations around the world. We hope to be have more of you join us this year! The One Angel Foundation’s World-Wide “Hike a Mountain Day” is inspired by Jenna Agule’s love of the outdoors. She was an avid outdoorsman in hiking, biking, running and skiing. She truly loved being one with nature. We believe that by combining something that she loved to do with a fundraiser to help those who she cared about is a true testament to her spirit and life.

Monies raised by this event will be used to further One Angel’s mission of supporting educational opportunities for children in need.

Thank you!!!

If you missed our World Hike A Mountain Day but still would like to contribute you can still donate by going to  and make a donation. Your donation and participation is greatly appreciated!

You can go to our facebook page and see our pics of the event.