Our Mission


“Bringing Hope & a Smile to Children Worldwide”


By strengthening our communities, our children will grow up with hope for the future. Building a strong community starts with our children receiving critical educational initiatives both in the classroom, at home, and in the community. Educating our children through productive and supportive community-based activities promotes healthy living, provides emotional support, builds trust, creates social cohesion, builds leaders, and creates strategies and goals to break the cycle of poverty, giving our children in need the greatest gift of hope as well as supporting their families.


We believe that strengthening our communities through education and family support, especially for our children, sets the foundation for future growth and stabilization of communities that are especially mired in poverty. Our goal is to support key non-profit partners who are in our communities worldwide that are bringing not only solutions and programs to educate our children in the classroom. at home and outside the classroom to offer further education on health, finance, leadership, and job training. Our children do not only learn in the classroom but also at home, on the streets, and in their community. Supporting our children to reach a full life and learning how to be successful within their community is critically important in breaking what has been generational poverty. Building strong programs for our children in and out of the classroom builds strong communities and Brings Hope and a Smile to Children Worldwide.

We can make a difference if we make an effort for change. We need your help please contact us today. Jenna believed in pushing her comfort zone and would always try new things.