Jenna was truly a spiritual person and it was never more evident than by a short note that we found on her phone shortly after her passing.  A few days before her death she flew from Colorado to NYC and then back. On her way back she had a layover and penned this wonderful passage she entitled “Blessed”. It gave us insight to this wonderful woman who we all miss deeply each day.

Blessed    I’ve realized I need to not  dwell on my past woes, misfortunes  and personal transgressions against myself and others, but rather relish in my present blessings and personal strengths to create a life where I can live to my full potential and self actualization. Too often, I beat myself up over mistakes of the past, or fail to muster up every ounce of positive physical, emotional and spiritual energy thy naturally exists within me everyday. Tomorrow this is my goal. To wake up inspired just because the sun is shining and live with gratitude every minute for everything I have been given. I hope to be mindful, prayerful and peaceful and radiate this to those around me.

Written By:Jenna Agule

Breckenridge Colorado

January 24, 2011 © 2011