Welcome to the One Angel Foundation website. Ev,en with a worldwide pandemic we have had a very good 2020, 2021, and 2022 from our Community Service Days in March, our  Annual World Hike a Mountain Day in October, and our Festival of Trees in December. With, the pandemic we held both World Hike A Mountain Day and our  Festival of Trees both virtually with great success for the past two years. Fundraising from these events and others helped support our mission of supporting educational initiatives, new schools, and scholarships for those children who otherwise would not have access to education and the opportunity to break their family’s cycle of poverty. If still would like to help you can go online to make a donation today

Please browse our website to see our mission, our journey, some of this year’s events, our projects, and how you can help. We look forward to continuing our mission in 2022 and beyond. Thank you for your continued support!



This year is the 12th Anniversary of World Hike A Mountain Day. Up until the onset of the pandemic and its aftermath we celebrated World hike a Mountain Day at our home mountain: Wachusett Mountain in Princeton Mass. This event combined a beautiful hike up the Mountain with Wachusett’s Apple Fest Weekend which offered games, rides, food, and music. Each year over 200 plus people hiked with us at Wachusett and enjoyed the fun, food, and music afterward.  As we all know COVID-19 has changed the world we live in and how we celebrate the good in the world. So this year again we are celebrating World Hike a Mountain Day virtually.

We are asking all the folks that have joined us in the past eleven years as well as the hundreds that have joined us around the world hiking, walking, or even biking on mountains, trails, and beaches to join us again virtually this year. You can hike, swim, bike, walk or run a trail, mountain, beach, or road near you for the 112th Annual World Hike a Mountain Day weekend of  October 15-16, 2022.

As these are unusual times if you can’t hike on the 15-16th please hike, bike, swim or walk on any day in October and let us know!.

Since we will not see you in person on October 15-16th we ask that you take some pictures of yourself and your group and send them to us hopefully with a short paragraph of who are with, where you hiked and when. You can send us the pics and the story to the One Angel Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OneAngelFoundation) or our e-mail at oneangelfoundation@aol.com.

If you can’t join us please feel free to make a donation today

If you are going to hike or walk somewhere around the world please let us know by sending us an e-mail at oneangelfoundation@aol.com!