Welcome to the One Angel Foundation web site. We are in the midst of a creating a new more interactive website that will be available in the First Quarter of 2018. We have had a very good 2017 from our Community Service Day in March, our 7th Annual World Hike a Mountain Day in October and our Festival of Trees in December. Fund raising from these events and others helped support our mission of supporting educational initiatives, new schools and scholarships for those children who otherwise would not have access to education and the opportunity to break their family’s cycle of poverty. If still would like to help you can go on line at www.active.com/donate/2017WHAM and make a donation today!

Please browse our web site to see our mission, our journey, some of this year’s events, our projects and how you can help. We look forward to continuing our mission in 2018 and beyond. Thank you for your continued support!