After School Programs

Our Kids in Guatemala on World Hike A Mountain Day


One Angel Support of Education Initiatives in Guatemala

One of our closest friends and supporters has for the past few years gone to Guatemala and has volunteered with “Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans”  (COG) a grass roots organization that focuses on providing before and after school support to children in Grades 1 through 8.  COG focuses on this group to provide support to make children are well supported and have the opportunity to continue in school beyond middle school. Their and our belief is that only with education of our children do we have a chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.

The funds provided by One Angel went to adding new computers, a white board and a projector to assist the teachers to expand their lessons in English, math and general homework assistance.  Funds this year went to help support an additional after school instructor so more kids could be helped.

Most of the children that COG supports are extremely poor and do not have computers or access to the internet which is becoming a necessary part of the educational process. Without this support both in technology and in instruction many of these children will drop out well before high school.

We are proud and happy to help those who provide daily support to those most in need!